Definitely a great agency to work for!!!

Neil H.

The most personable company I've worked with so far. 'More human than human.'

Ross C.

Very much hoping to work with you again soon. The last 2 films were very enjoyable, and you are great to work with.

John K.

Very professional production team and great agency. Hopefully more exciting jobs in the pipeline.

Lynda T-H-L

I have loved working with you, so easy to talk to and ALWAYS get back to you. Looking forward to working with you again :-)

Roger F.

Fantastic Agency!

Beth D-H

Every task you undertake becomes a Piece of Cake!

Mary Poppins

For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a Piece of Cake.

Alfred Hitchcock

Piece of Cake are by far the best casting agency out there.

Chris F