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It is ESSENTIAL that you read and understand all of the guidelines outlined below. Should you have any questions or do not understand any of the text below please feel free to drop us an email.


Absolutely no photography allowed and no cameras and mobile phones on set.



Filmmaking is a complex and high-pressured business and can only work as a result of good team work. It is your job to listen carefully to the instructions given to you by the Director and the Assistant Directors on the set. Your first point of contact is the 2nd Assistant Director or Crowd 2nd Assistant Director.



Catering will be provided when you are on location so there is no need to bring food along (unless you have a particular dietary requirement). Film crew always eats first, so please wait patiently. You will be told when to go for your meal.

It is a good idea to bring along your own water bottle as there are usually a number of water stations for you to fill up!



A unit nurse will be available on set all day if anybody feels unwell. Please let an Assistant Director know if you need the unit nurse. If you are on medication or have allergies, please ensure that you notify the unit nurse with details of dosage and of what you are allergic to.



Before production you will be asked to sign the digital terms and conditions and filming release form. Failure to do so will mean that your payment will be withheld AND YOU WILL NOT BE PAID. 

Each person will receive a salary voucher (digital chit) for every day that they work. 


The production company pays Piece of Cake Casting normally within 4-6 weeks from the day that you worked, but can sometimes take up to 3 months. All payments will be made by BACS directly into your bank account. It is therefore vital that we have your correct bank details. Incorrect details may result in your payments being delayed or paid into someone else’s account.



Each costume is labelled with a number and you will use the same number to receive your costume each day. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER AND CHARACTER. It will be given out at your costume fitting. At the end of the filming day please hang up your costume neatly on the hangers and do not remove any of your costume unless instructed from the costume department. Again please be patient and treat the crew with the respect they deserve.



To help get everybody through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible, could you please wear a button or zip up top, which does not need to be pulled over your head, to enable us to put you into hair and make up before costume if required.



Once on the film set please do not touch or remove any props unless you have been given a prop that will be your responsibility throughout the day and must be returned to a prop man at the end of the day.



Once on the set you will be given instructions from the Assistant Directors to carry out various actions that relate to the scene to be filmed. These actions will be rehearsed and a particular scene may be filmed a number of times from a variety of angles. Whatever the case, it is helpful if you remember what your actions were, how you were in relation to the people around you, and how your clothes were worn. All this requires you to concentrate and listen carefully to what you are told. Always try to keep the noise to a minimum as many crewmembers are trying to work around you. Sometimes events may seem chaotic and confusing however, provided that you follow your instructions precisely everything will come together. It is also important that you ask questions if you are not sure about your action. There will be periods in the day where you will be resting off the set so bring books and games to use during breaks.



Immediately before and after actual filming you will hear the following instructions spoken by the assistant directors.

Standby – Assume your position allocated by the Assistant Director and keep very still and quiet.

Turn Over or Rolling – The camera begins filming.

Action – Your cue to start your action

Cut – Action ends. It is likely that a sequence of filming will be repeated several times, therefore, following the word CUT you should remain silent and await further instructions.

Reset - First Positions or Number One’s – Resume your original start position ready for another take.



All productions are confidential, do not take photographs, do not tweet, Facebook, blog about or do any other kind of social media coverage, or talk to any journalist or publication. Productions will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement if you break this agreement you will be sent home unpaid and may have legal action taken against you by the Production Company.



Mobile phones and cameras are prohibited on set. If you bring a mobile phone or personal valuables like jewellery and laptops / tablets  you will be asked to leave it in the holding area at your own risk. It is better if valuables are left safely at home.



We really appreciate your contribution and we will do our utmost to ensure you have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience filming.




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