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Gone are the days of manually calculating and filling out hundreds of paper chits -

Frustrated casting agent sitting at a desk, not using the Piece of Cake Chitless system
Piece of Cake's computer using their chitless software

Signing artistes in and out accurately is a Piece of Cake - with our bespoke Chitless System

Graphic background

Geniuses at work

Created with both the support and input from Warner Bros legal team and a round table of Assistant Directors enabling us to make a fully encrypted, progressive, simple, and intuitive solution for both assistant directors and supporting artistes alike.

Piece of Cake Casting Agent sitting at a desk
Retro 70s background pattern
Piece of Cake's very own pink chitless robot


Fool-proof Robot at your service

Artistes are scanned in and out creating a timestamp for their chits which are automatically calculated (the chits are emailed to the aritistes directly) and an accurate end of day report (EoD)  is also produced so that Assistant Directors and Production teams can clearly manage their filming budgets on a daily basis.

All legal documents / release forms are sent to the artists through the system for a digital signature.

Companies we work with

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